Performative Factory

Architecture Studio IV

Under Senior Instructor Julee Herdt


  The Performative Factory is based on movements:  the movements of its users, the movements of its systems, and the movements of the goods that it produces.  A dynamic architecture inspires.


 Boulder Colorado’s extensive network of public bike paths is continued into the infrastructure through a gradual ‘velodrome’; accessible by commuters, clients, and visitors alike.  Integrated into the velodrome’s circulation corridor is the production assembly line.  Raw materials are processed into the final product through several patented mechanical processes in this assembly line.


 Movement through the velodrome will be constant and copious.  The energy given off from this perpetual movement will be captured by fixed wind turbines and strategically placed Pavegen energy panels, turning continual kinetic energy into renewable electricity.  The Performative Factory will be “off the grid”, powered mechanically by the very people who power the factory intellectually.