Green Design + Fabrication

Under Senior Instructor Eric Morris

 In collaboration with:

 Max G Henry

Palletsphere5 is a rudimentary shelter for dwelling.  It is an attempt at creating shelter that is inexpensive and simple to construct, while effectively robust to withstand the elements.  Inspiration was found in the vast quantity of abandoned shipping pallets commonly found behind many ‘big box’ stores and often times in our own backyards.


This investigation challenges the boundaries of refurbished pallet assembly and aesthetics through digitally designed geometric construction.


Each module of Palletsphere5 [penta] consists of five ISO standard pallets and 15 pre-fabricated brackets.  If the need for more space occurs, pallets can be added to create a larger volume of space within the shelter.  Palletsphere6 [hexa] contains six pallets + 18 brackets; Palletsphere7 [hepta] contains seven pallets + 21 brackets; etc.


The shipping pallets originate as a by-product of beetle kill pine tree harvesting from the United States and Canada; while the CNC fabricated brackets are cut from re-claimed 3/4” poplar plywood sheets.