Modular OZ

Urban Collective Design Challenge

In collaboration with:

 Aaron J Cleveland

   The goal of ModularOZ is simple; to educate the public about the many benefits of prefabricated manufacturing over site built construction.  It is designed to showcase these benefits in a contemporary aesthetic and an archetype of affordability.


   The key to affordable modular housing is suppressed costs of living overtime.  ModularOZ utilizes the following strategies to keep the units affordable long after construction:

Shipping Standard; the unit and individual unit parts are shipped on inexpensive standardized road transport systems directly to the site.

Site Neutral; shallow slab foundation is resource efficient and reduces site disturbance.  Universal slab allows the unit to be installed on most terrain.

Material Friendly; low-maintenance, local, recycled, and even rapidly renewable materials constitute much of the building envelope.

Energy Efficient; the unit’s green roof cools the unit during summer months and warms the unit during winter months.  Geothermal energy is utilized through strategically placed ground source heat pumps. Operable windows are carefully designed to allow natural light penetration and air ventilation.