BIM is for Modeling

Fundamentals of Autodesk Revit

Under Senior Instructor Rob Pyatt


 All Building Information Modeling (BIM) software packages are inherently 3D modeling software packages. In this exercise we were asked to explore the three dimensional modeling capabilities of Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011; specifically through Revit family creation, editing, and placement.


Each student was asked to research a series of existing household objects and to apply the authentic parameters of each piece to this specific digital modeling process. My collection focused on four individual household objects which emphasized an analogous contemporary aesthetic. Each piece was researched, dimensioned, digitally modeled within the Revit family editor, and then rendered using Revit’s rendering engine.


The objects were rendered in two different scenarios: individual scenes [4] and in pairs [2]. The four individual renderings placed each piece in a minimal setting in order to highlight the materiality of each piece fundamentally and provided space for orthographic representations of the objects construction. The two paired scenes placed the objects within a photo realistic setting in order to give the objects a human scale with the introduction of entourage and to allow the objects to be compared in collocation with example architecture.